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BRAND Schmalz
Internal code ONR15938
Weight 1

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More products of Schmalz

SAB 50 NBR 60 3/8 INCH

Balgsauggreifer (rund)

Bellows suction pad (round) for Dynamic on curved, oily surfaces SAB 100 NBR-60 G3 / 8-IG Diameter: 100 mm Number of folds: 1.5 Sucker material: Nitrile NBR 60 ± 5ShA Vacuum connection: G3 / 8 "-F Nipple material: Aluminum

P/N: Type: SAB 125 NBR-60 G3/8-IG

Bellow suction cup (round) for greater dynamics on bulging and oily surfaces / SAB 50 NBR-60 G1/4-IG

Bellows suction gripper (round)

P/N: Type: SAOB 110x55 NBR-60 G3/8-IG

Bellow suction cup (oval) for greater dynamics on curved and oily surfaces

SAOB 60 X 30 NBR 60 3/8 INCH

P/N: Type: SAOB 80x40 NBR-60 G3/8-IG

Bellows suction cup (oval) for high dynamic on curved, oily surfaced workpieces


Suction plate for vacuum blocks above VCSP-O 120x120x16.5 Size: 120 x 120 mm Height: 16.5 mm

Saugplatte für Blocksauger oben / VCSP-O 140x115x16.5

Suction plate for block vacuum cleaner top

Suction block VCBL-K2 140 x 115 mm, H = 50 mm

Suction block VCBL-K2 125 x 75 mm, H = 50 mm, crossways for narrow parts

Suction plate for vacuum blocks above VCSP-O 160x115x16.5 Size: 160 x 115 mm Height: 16.5 mm

Magnet holder / SGM 30 G1 / 8-IG 30 mm diameter holding force 35N

Magnet holder / SGM 30 G1 / 4-IG 30 mm diameter holding force 35N

Magnethalter / SGM 50 G1/4-IG

Magnetic suction cup for sheets with holes and cutouts

Connection device / magnetic holder for HTS-A1 D SGM 30/40

Connection device / for MagnethalterHTS-A1 D SGM 50/70

Kompaktejektor SMP 30 NO YN / FILT-EINS 14x49 PE-POR SCP-SMP

filter insert (round), Type: FILT-ONE 14x49 PE-POR SCP-SMP, Outside diameter: 14 mm length: 49 mm Filter material: polyethylene (porous) for: compact ejectors

Compact ejector SMP 25 NC ASRD "MEGA PUMP" with power function and reinforced blow-off Rest position of the suction valve = NC, with blow-off valve and Air-saving function on digital vacuum switch with display, 2 switching outputs. Cable set with integrated control Max. -0.85 bar vacuum, Suction capacity 161 l / min, Air consumption 310 Nl / min, at an operating pressure of 5 bar

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