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Brand products Acs Control-System


Conductive compact probe YYY = Delrineinschraubgewinde 1 1/2 inches

141000014 / PTS 2 B B N C 5 0/ 0100mm

Eintauchwiderstandsthermometer PT 100


WTA-100 HA0-G0 0-400 ° C PT100 converter

C1V12.5-45V DC



Double threshold relay for standard signal; 2 Thresh., Allstromnetzteil, 22.5 mm

KAK 0 U C 3 YYY A4 D R 0 / 1000

conductive compact probe 0 Sensor connection: Terminal compartment, housing U Supply voltage: Universal voltage 20 ... 253 V AC / DC C Electronics: FEM24: Relay DPDT, 19 ... 253 V AC / 19 ... 55 V DC 3 electrodes: 3 electrode rods YYY Process connection: Thread 1 1/2 " A4 probe extension: probe extension rod 4mm 316L D Housing material: POM (polyacetal - Delrin) - only with terminal chamber housing R electrode insulation: PA - Polyamide (Standard) 0 Design: Rod probe 4mm


Kond. Kompaktsonde KAK 0 U C 3 YYY A4 D R 0/ 1000m

PUK 0 2 A D K A

electrode probe

UN-25 1 G1 I0

Flowcont A-G1 January 25 I0

111000001 Type Hydrocont S50 S H A B 2 C A 2 3 0

Kompakte hydrostatische Füllstandsmessung

141000014 / PTS 2 B B N C 5 0 / 0100mm

Eintauchwiderstandsthermometer Pt100

SRK 600 S 6 0 GA S



Level sensor


Double threshold relay for standard signals

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