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Brand products Bachofen

A004421 WF 18

(Porsilent Leitungsfilter G 1/8 ", 217 Μm)


Electric actuators, 15-30VAC / 12-48VDC, 20Nm, F03-F04-F05 / 14, 9-12S, 15W, ED50%


Filter Ersatzelemente


Safety Valve

S/N: S1 2100

Pressure Reducing Valve


Low pressure reducer made of stainless steel

FP 01 04

Trimod Besta level switch

A 22C 04

Trimod Besta level switch



MMZ 3600 24VAC/DC

Time Lag Relay Multifunction

C.11-06 AM10

filter regulators

100474 / KPR0581

KIT for 421 FS 5541 B3


drive (without valve)

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