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argolux control unit, AUS3M2

204612 CD 5

connection cable Function: connection cable Size: M12 Shape: straight Length: 5,000 mm Degree of protection: IP 67 Material: PVC Connection: M12 socket, 5-pole, open end

204689 C8D 5

connection cable Function: connection cable Size: M12 Shape: straight Length: 5,000 mm Degree of protection: IP 67 Material: PVC Connector: connector M12, 8-pin, open end

208611 SLI2-1059

208611 SLI2-1059 Safety Light Curtain Security Level: 2 Type: IEC / TS 61496-2 SIL 2 SILCL 2 IEC 61508 IEC 62061 PL d-cat. 2 ISO 13849-1 Level of safety: Skin protection Overall height (A): 1113 mm Protective field height (B): 1060 mm Model: integrated control functions (EDM) Number of beams: 14 Safety output: PNP (2x), 400 mA / 24 V DC Operating voltage: 19.2 ... 28.8 V DC Range: 4 m (low range) / 12m (High Range) Resolution: 90 mm Control external relays - EDM: Feedback input, selectable release Degree of protection: IP 65, IP 67 Connection: Plug, M12, 5 poles for emitter, M12, 8-pole for receiver Cable: unshielded connecting cable max. 100 m Scope of supply: Transmitter + receiver, a set of standard supports SA 4, CDROM with multilingual user manual Quick Installation Guide

209198 SR-0

Interface Relays Mounting: on DIN rail according to EN 50022-35 standard Function: Interface Relays Operating voltage: 19.2 ... 28.8 V DC Control external relays - EDM: Feedback-output (1x NC) For: Safety light curtains / light grids SLI ... and SLIH ... Connection: Terminal block on Scope of delivery: Multilingual user manual Safety relay outputs: NO (2x) + NC (1x), 2 A / 250 V AC


Box Model : ASR 918, S/N 994 10 231, Classification ESPE Type 2

ASE 603L + ASR 603L



Safety category 4 Case -3NO + 1NC


Infrared barrier




Safety relay

SP-R-13-309-81 (C8D10)

Cables for receiver

AU S3 M2 (SP-R-12-017-07)

Control unit with manual restart

C8D5 (Artikel-Nr.: SP-R-13-309-80)

5m cable with M12 8 poles straight connector

AU S3 (SP-R-12-017-02)

AS Control Unit

SP-R-12-017-08 / AU S TWIN

AU S TWIN multifunctional control unit for Argolux

AS 918



control unit

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