Sale of Alco products in Argentina

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Brand products Alco

04P-473071 50 µF, 250VAC

Capacitor for compressor


High Pressure Pressostat 12/19 Bar, Model: PS3-A5L


pressure Switch PS3-A5S


pressure Switch PS3-A1S




Pressure Switch for Air Condition = 1.2/3.6 BAR - Druckschalter, PS3-A3S,


SWITCH,HIGH PRESSURE,29 BAR/421 PSIG,6 FLA,36 LRA,120/240 VAC,3 A/230 VAC-AC-15,PS: 43 BAR/620 PSIAG,PT: 48 BAR/695 PSIAG,TS: -40….150 C,CE 0035,EN 12263,FOR CHILLER,MODEL PSC-B6S

112802, G 20 S VZ

Straight fitting -1103021 112802007 alternatively to Legris no. 8306S2000

1158122, EW 10 L VZ

Einstellb.W-Ver. alternatively to Legris no. 8272L1000

1158622, EW 10 S VZ

Einstellb.W-Ver. alternatively to Legris no. 88272S1000

1158632, XEW 10 S VZ

Einstellb.W-Ver. alternatively to Legris no. 8072S1200

1158672, EW 12 S VZ

Einstellb.W gland alternatively to Legris no. 8272S1200

1158682, XEW 12 S VZ

Einstellb.W-Ver. alternatively to Legris no. 8072S1200

1158822007, EW 20 S VZ

Einstellb.W-Gland. m. Dichtkegel 1158822007 alternatively to Legris no. 8246S2000

1184142, GE 12 SR 1/4" ED VZ

Straight Screw-in fitting alternatively to Legris no. 8211S1213

153802, SWVE 20 SR 3/4" VZ

Swivel Gland. - 1150121/1153802007 alternatively to Legris no. 8328S2027

184152, GE 10 SR 1/4" ED VZ

Ger. Restrict. Gland. 0184152007 alternatively to Legris no. 8011S1013

184212, GE 10 LR 1/4" ED VZ

Ger.Einschr.Verschr. 8135107 184212007 alternatively to Legris no. 8211L1013

184312, GE 10 SR 3/8" ED VZ

Ger.Einschr.Verschr. 8135117 184312007 alternatively to Legris no. 8211S1017

184352, GE 20 SR 3/4" ED VZ

Ger.Einschr.Verschr. alternatively to Legris no. 8211S2027




Alco valve body R404A / R507 TIS-SW 802461

210.0360 / TX6-M12 / 801547

(Alco Thermo Expansion Valve R134a TX6-M12 m.MOP 12x16mm Lot 801547)


Alco valve upper part XB1019-HW-1B 802931 1.5 M


Alco Ventiloberteil R22 XB1019-HW100-1B 803043


Alco Ventiloberteil R22 XC726-HW100-2B 803070


Alco valve lower part A576-MM 803239

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