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Product 10 F4 S1D-5D02/ 1 2
Description INVERTER
Internal code ONR15861
Weight 1

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15F5C1E-Y00A SN 301531800/1289581

Inverter, Input 50/60HZ, AC 3 PH 400V 31.2A UL 480V 27.3A, Output 0...800Hz, AC 3 PH 0...Uin 24A, Power 17kVA, AC- Motor 11kW 2/4P 50/60Hz


KEB INVERTER HF-FILTER 16.E4.T60-1001 3*480VAC +5% 50/60HZ 50A AT T=45 DEG C UL:29.7A HPF:-25...+85DEG C


inverter 15kw


(Frequency type F5-M .. Maximum permissible motor power: (2- / 4 pole motor) 15 kW  Rated output current: 33.0 A  Load capacity: 49.5 A for 30sec.  Power supply: 3 x 400VAC +/- 0%, 50 / 60Hz  (Without control panel)) FOR 3TYP B20R K4

Brake Lining 105 VDC X: 0.2 P: 30 W for motor STÖBER DRIVE TECHNOLOGY D-75177PFOR2HEIM 3TYP B20R K4 ST01M / 9233


17.F5.A1G-35DA in orjinal


Frequency regulatorsNumber 4x Frequency regulators


FILTER EN55011 B 500V / 65A BASE HOUSING 65A at 45 degrees C FOR 18.F5 400V H-GEH. ENGINE MANAGEMENT: 30M LEAK: 30 MA Commodity code: 85045095


FILTER EN55011 B 500V / 90AUNTERBAUGEHÄUSE90A at 45 degrees C for 19.F5 400V H-HOUSING MOTOR DIRECTION: 30MABLEITSTROM: MAStatistische Lot number: total 85045095Nettogewicht: 6,260 KG


controlled inverter Furnishing: integrated filter - Leakage current 48 mA Braking transistor: GTR7 Heatsink type: intercooler mounted version Technical specifications: Power: 52KVA Motor: 37kW 2 / 4P 50 / 60Hz Input voltage range: 400 VAC 3 PH Output voltage: 0 ... Uin Rated output current: 75A Max. Short time current limit: 112,0A Max. Output frequency: 400 Hz Switching frequency: 8kHz Protection: IP20 Dimensions (WxHxD): 340 x 520 x 357 mm Commodity code: 85044088

300254084 / 1056030

Forcing özllk's technical information

643CDL90S4 1.1KW

220/400 1420/1min Triangle / Star

7D.015.01 0241

31,03 0007 24V DC P=21W


PLANETARY GEAR TN = 6NM TMAX = 12NM I = 25, 2-STUF. Backlash <15 WINKELM. ABTRIEBSW. 12 x 18mm M.P. MOTORFL, X; 63/40/9 MM


softwareCD-ROM - "KEB COMBIVIS 6"Products and ToolsArticle no. CD.SW.010-0100Installationoperating instructionsApplication manualsCatalogstraining informationupdate serviceWeight approx .: 0.1 kgProduct number: 85234945

F5 BASIC 09 F5 B1B-3A00

version : 1,1 Input 50/60 Hz AC3 ph 305 440 V/ 5,7 A 460 500 V /4,8 A Output :........1600 Hz max AC 3 ph ....... 440 V /4,1 A 460 V / 3,4 A Power 2,8 Kva AC-MOT : 1,5 kw 2/p50/60 Hz SÜRÜCÜ

G12A DM71G4 B02

Spur gear brake motor As gel. Ser.Nr. 177027001.007

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